Monday, April 6, 2009

TV show theme songs

They used to be cool, and now what... theyre made of crap. Compare the opening of "Cheers" and the theme song of the Big Bang Theory. Horrible

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Follow me!

Kinda weird way to say "subscribe". Did you notice those who subscribe to your blog are called "followers"? Sexual predetors must be getting thrills of this.


If you are reading this you have noticed that this blog is titled unussualy. This is the title of a band i wish to create. All I need is... a band. So you know, if you can do that stuff call me.

Drawing on peoples races

I have friends that when you touch their skin, ( white friends ) their skin turns more white! So you can draw on them! With me, if you scratch my skin it turns white. Weird....

Everything has its flaws

Im watching my friend Sam play Assassin's Creed and its apparantley the coolest game ever. Theres alot of blood... sorry ALOT OF BLOOD. But seriously youd think they would make this game alittle more realistic. Such as when peoplez stab other people. Blood spurts out, but ussualy when you insert something in someone, it ussualy leaves a hole, or theres already a hole there. So this dude with the turban sticks a knife in someone and then blood comes out, but then... wheres the wound??? NOWHERE!

More about black...

What is black? It is simply the absence of color AND light. Sounds pretty cool.... that is why I like black.

The color black

Black. Black is my favorite color. Not because it is the color of people who are most popular in the educational systems of today, no. I like black because it is when you wear black that you absorb the most sunlight, and my body is ussualy cold becuase I do not not have many friends who hang around me. Black is also a color that you can you can hide in. So that when people are being very nasty towards you, you can steal away in the night. That, is why i like Black.